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Accidents at Work

All employers have a legal obligation to maintain certain health and safety standards. To offer protection from the chance of an accident occurring, an employer must:

-         Carry out regular health and safety assessments and risk assessments of working conditions and any equipment used.

-         Provide proper equipment for the job

-         Provide correct and adequate training for all employees, so they can carry out their jobs safely

-         Ensure safety measures are in place and are being followed correctly.

If you suffer an injury in your workplace, the first thing to do is notify your employer. They may have an accident compensation claim system in place themselves; you should also speak to a specialist personal injury solicitor who can let you know your rights and how to proceed with a claim if relevant.

You can make a claim even if you think you may have been partially to blame. We can help you find out where you stand and what your rights are.

Examples of recent cases we have concluded in this area include: 

"Acting for the Claimant in his claim arising out of an accident on the access road to a quarry. Other solicitors previously acted for the Claimant under a "no win - no fee" arrangement but had not been willing to bring Court proceedings when faced with a denial of liability from the Defendant and at that stage had terminated the agreement. We took over the claim and brought Court proceedings and the claim was then settled in the week before trial on terms which the Claimant was very happy with."

"Acting for a Claimant who was at work installing windows when he fell from a garage roof. Negotiating the settlement of the Claimants claim."

"Acting for a Claimant who was at work when the Claimant's fingers were trapped as a result of the actions of a fellow employee, resulting in the traumatic amputation of two fingers. Negotiating the settlement of the claim."

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