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Award entries – how to maximise your success

Fiona Boswell

Applying for an award for a business or project is beneficial in getting the name of your brand out there and promoting your company’s achievements. Whether being shortlisted, highly commended or a winner is an achievement.

However, writing an impressive application is not an easy task and can be time consuming, but, if your project fits with the award category criteria it is worth doing.

As a finalist for the Service Provider of the Year Award at the EWIF Awards I can see the importance of sharing your accomplishments. 

When entering an award:

1. Be unique

Read through the criteria of the award if you are considering applying be sure that the brand fits into that category. Consider what is unique about your application that will make you stand out from the rest.

2. Check out the competition

Take a look at previous year’s winners to see what made them stand out, often some websites give judges comments on why they chose the winner, this will help when completing the application process.

3. Take your time

Often people leave applying for an award until the last minute and rush the application process because of other work commitments, but it’s vital that you have one person who is assigned the job of applying for an award and that they can allocate the time needed to it to make it the best application possible. Collect any supporting information/ documents where possible to bolster your entry.

4. Stay true to the criteria

Try not to stray from the point when writing your application, think about why you are entering, what makes it suitable for your chosen category, what makes you and your company unique compared to others in the industry and don’t be afraid to talk about your achievements. Regularly refer back to the category criteria to be sure that all of your information is valid, application forms tend to have a word count so be sure to make every word relevant and true to the criteria.

5. If at first you don’t succeed try, try again

Even if you’re not the overall winner, making it to the finals is something to shout about on its own. Share this news across your social media channels as it makes for great content and if you do happen to win let local press know about your success. 

Puddle Ducks recently won the EWIF Franchisor of the Year Award. Puddle Ducks has been featured in the press for winning this award and has shared the news across its social media channels to get others talking about the brand and has had a great response from the public.

Jo Stone – one of the co-owners of Puddle Ducks flagged the importance of perseverance. They have entered awards many times with varying degrees of success, however the key point is to keep doing it as eventually you will be successful and recognition of that success will bring new customers and or franchisees to the brand. 

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