Fraser Brown work with new Boilermaker concept bar

The commercial property and licensing departments at Fraser Brown have recently helped Boilermaker, a new ‘hidden bar’ concept to open in Nottingham city centre.

From the exterior, the venue appears to be an Ideal Boiler trade counter. However, a door at the back leads through to a ‘hidden’ cocktail bar. The bar is based on an American style speakeasy with table service and highly trained cocktail bar staff.

Rhian Davies, commercial property solicitors at Fraser Brown negotiated a 6 year lease for Mobar Events, the company behind Boilermaker which is run by Nigel Garlick. The building is owned by Raddon Park Properties Ltd and was previously Indigo Bar.

Jo Soar, a licensing specialist at Fraser Brown secured a new premises licence for the venue, which is within the city centre’s cumulative impact zone in Carlton Street.

A Boilermaker is an American bar tradition of ordering a beer with a whisky chaser, and combining ales and sprits is what this new addition to Nottingham’s bar scene is all about. The bar serves a wide range of unique cocktails, a selection of bottled beers and one beer on tap, Boilerbrew, which has been crafted by local Magpie Brewery. Bar snacks have been provided by Delilah fine foods.

Nigel Garlick, owner of Boilermaker, said “We are passionate about providing great, friendly service alongside fantastic drinks that you cannot create at home. I believe in creating a whole experience for customers and I saw a gap in the market in Nottingham for an alternative venue.”

Rhian Davies, Fraser Brown, said “This is such a unique concept for the city and I wish Nigel and his team the best of luck.”

Salloways and Tanners were the property agents involved in the transaction.


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