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Increase in Judgements against businesses in 2018

Sarah Murray

As 2019 begins we can reflect on what was a busy year 2018 has been for the courts and for debt recovery teams across the country.  Records for 2018 show a significant increase in County Court Judgments (CCJs) registered against businesses. 

The Registry Trust keeps records of the number of CCJs against consumers and against businesses.  Their statistics make for interesting reading.

Until 2018 CCJs against businesses had been declining, whereas over the first two quarters of 2018 there was a 19% increase when compared with the previous year.  The Registry Trust tells us this is a six-year high.  The rise for the third quarter was a staggering 32%.  There has also been a significant increase in High Court Judgments (HCJs) against businesses over the same period.

The statistics on the value of CCJs and HCJs registered in the course of 2018 are slightly unhelpful as there were a small number of high value claims that skewed the data.  However, the statistics on volume alone paint a picture.

The statistics and reports from the Registry Trust can be found here

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