Moving disputes forward with Round Table Meetings

Getting parties to sit around a table and discuss the issues is often an extremely effective way to move a dispute forward. 

A Round Table Meeting is simply a meeting in which the parties, with or without their legal advisors, can sit around a table with the ultimate objective of seeking to find a mutually acceptable resolution to their dispute. 

A meeting will often take place on a “Without Prejudice Save as to Costs” basis, which allows all parties, and their legal advisors, to speak freely without the fear that things they have said will be used against them within any Court proceedings, which are either being contemplated or are ongoing. 

The first positive step is made when one party proposes to meet and the other party or parties accept that proposal. The agreement to discuss matters can sometimes change the tone of the litigation from a combative one to a more collaborative one. 

Whilst such a meeting may not always result in the conclusion of the dispute, it can be very useful in helping all parties to explain and understand why the other party is adopting their position. 

A round table meeting has the advantage of being less expensive that a formal mediation, largely due to the fact no mediator is used and less formal preparation is required. Early resolution of a dispute by a round table meeting is also likely to result in significant legal costs being saved.  

Furthermore, a resolution between the parties, either through such a meeting or by way of mediation, has a great advantage of matters being agreed that the Court simply cannot order in the event the dispute is determined by a Judge. When working together to resolve a dispute the parties have the ability and control to be creative in their settlements in a way that Judges simply cannot. 

Should you require any further information about the benefits of Round Table Meetings, as a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution, or have any questions about the litigation process, please contact the Dispute Resolution Team at Fraser Brown Solicitors on 0115 9888 8777 or email us at


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