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New code of conduct for personal injury claims

Geoff Buck

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has unveiled its new voluntary code of conduct for members dealing with road traffic accidents.

The new code has been signed by 15 leading insurance providers and will ensure the interests of customers with a personal injury claim are protected.

Insurers will now need to:

-         Ensure policy holders are made aware of their options when choosing a lawyer, including any links the insurer may have with a recommended provider.

-         Emphasise the customer’s right to choose their own legal representative.

-         Not apply, or use firms who may apply, pressure such as cold-calling on customers to claim.

-         Not share personal information with a third party if they have said they would not pursue a claim.

-         Ensure that any third parties recommended to handle a claim will not increase legal costs for at-fault insurer.

-         Ask customers if they have legal expenses insurance or other funding arrangements that may cover the cost of claiming.

-         Aim to resolve claims wherever possible through the Claims Portal (which covers personal injury claims up to £25,000).

The ABI believe that the new code should strike a balance between customers’ legal rights and their ability to file a claim within a system that does not encourage speculative and exaggerated claims.

This new code of conduct came into action on 13th February. A list of the insurers who have confirmed their compliance can be found on the ABI’s website


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