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New western-themed eatery targets Bacon & Bourbon lovers

Liam Wilkinson

Last Chance Saloon is a new independent eatery based in the Creative Quarter area of Nottingham city centre, an underground venue in a grade II listed building with distinctive western décor. Their focus is on Bacon & Bourbon – on trend with the American style, but steering away from the smokehouse aspect prevalent elsewhere in the city.

All food produce is locally sourced where possible, and designed to be eaten socially, sharing and combining menu items. Split into 3 sections of snacks, ‘scranwiches’ and the aptly named Face smash, dishes include Buffalo the Vampire slayer wings, the flavoursome M.O.A.B.B (mother of all bacon butties) and the addictive Bacon Bad Popcorn. Salt and fat mingle with sweetness, smoke and crunch and it has that extraordinary quality leaving the diners always wanting more.

The Whiskey list is extensive with over 50 Bourbons, 15 Ryes, 17 American Whiskeys and around 30 others from around the world. With promise to expand the selection, Last Chance are well on their way to boasting the largest selection in the Midlands. The venue also offers an innovative cocktail list, as well as wine, champagne and beer for those who don’t fancy spirits.

Husband and wife team Christian and Emma Tirel came up with the concept after working in the Nottingham bar scene for the best part of 10 years, drawing inspiration from their trip to America earlier this year.

“It’s been our dream, ever since we met, to open a venue in Nottingham and we feel extremely lucky that we have been able to do so. We both have a passion for Bourbon and Bacon and it was fortunate that Nottingham didn’t already have a venue dedicated to this”, said Emma Tirel.

Christian added: “We visited New York, South Carolina, San Francisco, Chicago and Kentucky and drew inspiration from the bars and restaurants on our trip. We wanted to offer a venue that is accessible to all, with a unique concept to the area. We have some pretty exciting things lined up for the year and are thrilled to be opening in this awesome city that is becoming known for great restaurants and bars.”

Fraser Brown Solicitors have worked with Christian and Emma to help them fulfil their dream of opening a venue in Nottingham. Peter Abel in the Corporate department and Liam Wilkinson of the Commercial Property team have helped with the purchase of the assets and with securing the lease in the grade II listed building. Peter commented: “Christian and Emma have a well thought out concept and have worked hard to open the Last Chance Saloon. It was great to help them achieve this.” Liam added: “It was a pleasure to assist on the lease for this exciting and unique venture. I’m sure that Christian and Emma’s experience and enthusiasm will ensure this is a successful addition to the growing eatery scene, and I wish them the best of luck.”

With a relaxed, ‘anyone’s welcome’ vibe, a chilled bluesy soundtrack and knowledgeable employees, Last Chance Saloon promises to offer an exceptional dining experience and a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.   


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