Redundancy for Employees

Have you been selected for redundancy or been made redundant? Has your employer followed the correct procedure? What are your rights if the correct procedure has not been followed? You may be entitled to compensation.

Are there any alternatives to redundancy? If there is suitable alternative employment, this must be offered to you. What if the alternative job pays much less than your present job? Or what if the alternative job is a demotion? Do you have to accept the alternative job?

Are you being made redundant whilst you are pregnant or on maternity leave? What are your rights? You have the right not to be discriminated against just because you are pregnant or because you have taken maternity leave.

If the correct procedures have been followed are you are being made redundant, are you being paid the correct amounts due to you? You may be entitled to receive a statutory minimum payment or your contract of employment may mean that you should receive enhanced payments.

Have you been asked to sign a Compromise Agreement? We can advice you whether you should sign the agreement or not. You may be entitled to additional amounts not quantified by your employer in the agreement.

Have you been laid-off or asked to go onto short-time working? Can your employer change your terms and conditions of employment? Any material change to your contract can only be amended by consent or you may be entitled to receive compensation.

What if your employer goes bankrupt? In certain circumstances, you can make an application to a government body for payment.

How is your pension affected if your employer goes bankrupt? In certain circumstances, the Pension Protection Fund set up by a government body can compensate you.

For advice and support regarding any of the points raised call the Employment team on 01159 888 777


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