The Fox and Grapes: Castle Rock Brewery open their 23rd venue

What was once known as Peggers Inn in Nottingham has been reopened as the Fox and Grapes, making it the 23rd venue under the Castle Rock Brewery banner. With the Sneinton Market area receiving significant investment in recent years, developments in the pipeline could see a domino effect, to create “Nottingham’s Covent Garden”.

The opening was welcomed by great support from businesses and locals, and presented a homely yet modern feel, whilst maintaining an appreciation for the pubs over 200 year heritage. The Castle Rock Brewery can see the area quickly becoming fashionable, and have a good eye for taking on unique buildings such as the Canalhouse and making them a success.


Sneinton Market has had its fair share of changes over recent years, and is now home to a growing student population, with units that are now being let by businesses such as coffee shops, gin distilleries and arts and crafts stores. The redevelopments of units in the area have been made possible by investments of £2.44 million from the European Regional Development fund in 2014-2015, and £1.45 million from Nottingham City Council. 


“We’ve taken a space that’s over 200 years old, which has been untouched for over a decade, and worked hard to transform the building. We’re starting an all-day food menu, and later want to play live music, with the goal of bringing new life to this part of town,” Says Managing Director Colin Wilde.

 “There’s no doubt that Sneinton Market is on the fringe of the city centre, but boasts a lot of potential that more recently is being discovered. We’re happy to be contributing to this, and have seen an amazing response to what we’ve managed to achieve here.”


Many will remember the building as the Peggers Inn, where market traders visited at all hours, with the venue licensed to open until 4 in the morning. It also reopens almost 54 years after the infamous “Pretty Windows murder”, which triggered the memory of one of Nottingham’s largest man hunts.

However, The Fox and Grapes was titled after the pubs original name that dated back to 1833, and Fraser Brown Solicitors worked hard to get a licence that can keep the venue open until midnight. This was no easy task, with the property vacant for over 10 years and finding itself in the Nottingham city centre saturation zone.

Fraser Brown Solicitors were instrumental in securing the licence. Arwen Makin from the Licensing team saw them through the process:

“I’m proud to have secured a licence for Castle Rock Brewery, who are always a pleasure to work with. They have a record for making a success of all the challenging projects they take on, and again they’ve made an amazing transformation”, says Arwen.

“The process of securing a licence within a saturation zone is challenging because of the presumption against any new licences, and we were determined to make sure The Fox and Grapes had every chance of success. I wish them all the best after a very promising opening, and look forward to seeing what they can add to the already rich history of the building.”

If you are interested in any of the topics raised in this article, please contact Arwen. Alternatively, you can call to speak to one of the team on 0115 9888 777.

Arwen Makin pulls a pint in the Fox and GrapesArwen Makin pulls a pint in Sneinton Markets latest hotspot, Fox and Grapes

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