The Franchise Agreement

Are you considering becoming a franchisee? If so you will require clear and concise advice from a legal team with one of the highest reputations in franchising. 

Franchising is one of our specialist areas of expertise and we act on behalf of franchisees involved with many of the leading franchises across the UK.

We can guide you through each stage of the process. It is important when entering into a franchise agreement that you understand from the outset exactly what rights the franchisor will grant to you, your obligations under the franchise agreement and the franchisor’s obligations, to help you assess whether the franchise is right for you and whether you could make a profitable business as a franchisee.

It is therefore highly recommended that you obtain expert legal advice from specialist franchise solicitors on the documentation provided.

We are BFA affiliated and using our expertise will provide you with a written report setting out a comprehensive review of the franchise agreement.

Following the review of the franchise agreement we are happy to answer any questions you may have in respect of the agreement or our report by telephone or arrange a meeting to discuss the contents of the report at a time suitable to you. 

When entering into a franchise agreement for the first time, many of the principles of running a franchise business may be unfamiliar. A franchise review will identify and explain key issues and clarify any complex points. Issues which are often raised in franchise reports will include: 

- what rights are being granted under the franchise agreement, including the territory in which you may operate and whether or not this is an exclusive basis;

- the  term  of  the  franchise  agreement  and whether  this can be renewed;

- the initial and continuing fees;

- any onerous and/or unusual terms;

- whether you can sell your franchise business? If so what rights does the franchisor have to prevent a sale and how much will it cost you; 

- when and how the franchisor can terminate your franchise agreement;

- what restrictions will there be on you if you leave the franchise 





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