The Pharmacy Order 2010

The Order makes new provisions for the registration, regulation and inspection of pharmaceutical premises. It also makes provisions for the enforcement and the responsibilities of the pharmacy licence holders.

  • A new professional body, the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), will be established with the aim to oversee all the pharmacies, technicians and the pharmacists throughout Great Britain.
  • This Order establishes a new regulator, for pharmacy, the GPhC and sets out the arrangements, in Great Britain, for the professional regulation of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.
  • This Order also makes provision in respect of the registration and regulation of pharmacy premises together with consequential amendments to existing primary and secondary legislation that are necessary as a result of the establishment of the GPhC.
  • Provision is also included in this Order in respect of the education, training of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, for the establishment of a new scheme relating to the continuing professional development of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and regarding the regulator"s capacity to address fitness to practise issues.
  • All the individuals/licence holders who will be involved in practising either as a pharmacy technician or a pharmacist will only be able to practice within the pharmacy premises if they are registered with the GPhC"s register. Registration will be mandatory for pharmacy advisers whether they are in a clinical or a patient facing role.

Key areas of changes and developments under the Order:

  • In addition to establishing a new pharmacy regulator for Great Britain, the purpose of this Order is to enhance the development of high quality practice at a critical time for the pharmacy profession, with its increasingly clinical focus. It also aims to ensure that pharmacy regulation is proportionate and does not get in the way of good patient care.
  • It sets out the framework for the constitutional and governance arrangements for the GPhC and also arrangements for accountability to the UK and Scottish Parliaments, covering annual reports (including arrangements to ensure that the regulator adheres to good practice in relation to equality and diversity, and a report on the effectiveness of its Fitness to Practise procedures) and strategic plans;
  • It establishes GPhC"s key functions which include amongst others registration of qualified and competent practitioners, temporary registration and annotations during emergencies, setting and securing standards of practice, education and training, continuing professional development and conduct, operating fitness to practise procedures to deal with registrants where there are concerns about their fitness to practise and protect the public from registrants who become unfit to practise, registration, regulation and inspection of pharmacy premises and enforcement and their responsibilities; and
  • It establishes arrangements for the GPhC to set fees.

The Order is due to come into force in the whole of Great Britain in Spring 2010.

If you require any further information regarding this bill please contact Peter Thornley on 0115 9888 763 or email


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