The Deregulation Act: Further requirements for landlords

Previously, the 2015 Act only applied to tenancies granted on or after 1st October 2015. Three years on, and the rules will now stretch to cover ALL tenancies, made before or after that date.

Top 5 lessons for the smooth operation of an international franchise

For the franchisor looking to extend their franchise overseas, there's a number of very important considerations that can have a huge impact on your ability to grow.

Understanding mandatory licensing conditions

Since 2014 there have been five mandatory licensing conditions. Three of the conditions apply to all premises licences and club premises certificates which authorise the supply of alcohol for consumption on the premises.

What you need to know about the Construction Act

In the absence of a formally signed document, a contractor may presume that he is on the back foot if any contentious issues arise. However, they could have a safety net to fall back on

A house divided: Determining property interests for unmarried couples

There may of course have been a co-habitation agreement, but even if there isn’t it is still possible for the couple to agree what happens. We explore TOLATA, and the importance of having your property interests in writing.

Fraser Brown expands Lincoln conveyancing team

After opening a Lincoln office on Kingsley Office Park in June, Fraser Brown has expanded its conveyancing team in the city by three.

Fraser Brown shortlisted for prestigious LFS Conveyancing Award

The team deals with all types of residential property transactions from auction sales to £1m purchases, combining 21st century technology with legal expertise to deliver high-end legal property services across the region.

Owens v Owens: Unhappily married woman denied divorce by Supreme Court

Tini Owens was left “devastated” after five Supreme Court judges unanimously decided that she had no grounds for divorcing her husband, Hugh Owens, after citing unreasonable behaviour. The judges admit that the case ‘generates uneasy feelings’.

The new GDPR – What franchises should be doing now

The new data law changes are extensive for those involved in implementing them but mainly businesses need to know where to start. Our data law compliance top tips are here to give you a steer.

Vanishing dismissals: the effect of a successful appeal

Offering the right of appeal may well be a great start to ensuring the process is fair but all too often employers simply pay lip service to an appeal, treating it is a tick box exercise necessary to usher out an errant employee.

New Selective Licensing Scheme: Info for Nottingham landlords

Local Authorities now have the power to introduce a Selective Licensing Scheme for rental properties within their jurisdiction. Under the Housing Act 2004, Nottingham City Council have introduced a scheme which will last for a period of 5 years

Understanding nuptial agreements

Nuptial agreements are made by a couple before or during marriage or civil partnership stating how they intend their financial matters to be dealt with during the relationship but also in the event of divorce, dissolution or separation.

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