Fraser Brown raise £4,000 for charity in annual golf day

The funds raised will go towards Autism East Midlands; a charity which provides support to families and individuals affected by autism, and Newlife; a charity that helps disabled children and their families across the UK

Administration Orders: An effective tool for creditors

This case is of particular significance for both Insolvency Practitioners and creditors alike as it shows a growing tendency of courts to favour administration applications by creditors even against a seemingly solvent company.

When self-employment isn’t really self-employment

The Supreme Court has delivered its judgment in the widely anticipated case of Smith –v- Pimlico Plumbers Limited which deals with the issue of worker status and is expected to have knock on effects for those working in the gig economy and beyond.

Caring for elderly relatives: what rights does an employee have?

With pressures on budgets and availability of services it is perhaps unsurprising that care responsibilities increasingly fall upon the shoulders of family members. What rights do employees have to time off work to attend to such responsibilities?

Sexual harassment: A continuing spotlight

The House of Commons women and equalities select committee has been told the limit for the pursuit of sexual harassment claims is too short. Corbyn is expected to promote a ban on non-disclosure agreements in settlements of sexual harassment claims.

Are your website privacy policies GDPR compliant?

The Information Commissioner indicated that by this date she wants organisations to demonstrate that they are “on the journey” to compliance. An essential part of ensuring compliance with the GDPR is the privacy notice on your website.

Retentions in construction contracts – the end in sight?

The second reading of the Construction (Retention Deposit Schemes) Bill has been given a revised date of 15th June, when the construction industry’s existing retentions system will be reviewed in light of lessons learned in the collapse of Carilli

Marriage – the effect on your Will

Those that enter a marriage after making a Will are at risk of having their Will revoked, with assets left to pass through “intestacy rules.” It is important that you update your Will in these circumstances, to protect your wishes and assets.

Home ownership: Joint tenants v Tenants in common

“Joint tenants” and “tenants in common” are both terms that refer to how owners of a property hold the beneficial interest in it. The terms have different meanings for you and your family. Find out which best fits your circumstances.

Consequential loss: Who picks up the pieces?

A situation that comes up over and over again is that of liability for consequential loss, or in plain English,who has to foot the bill for a customer’s losses when equipment, supplied by an installer from a supplier, fails within its warranty period

Tricked in the trade: Email scams and what to watch

We have noticed a significant increase in members asking us about offers of work they have received via email, and especially schemes where they are asked to pay an up-front fee in order to be added to a potential customer’s panel of tradesmen.

Increases for National Minimum Wage and Discrimination Awards

It is important that all eligible workers are paid at least the rates referred to above as the Government has the power to impose significant penalties on those employers failing to comply.

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