Fraser Brown provide advice for Later Life

The wills and probate department at Fraser Brown will be speaking at an upcoming ‘Later Life Matters’ event, which will focus on providing over 50’s with information and guidance related to all matters associated with growing older.

Divorce The Procedure

This guide advises on the process of a divorce and what steps you will need to take.

Divorce The Law

This guide will explain the legal steps involved in a divorce and help guide you through the process.

Non molestation orders

This guide explains all the options available to you if you are suffering from any form of abuse or harrassment.

Could the wills industry be embracing technology

The wills industry could see quite a shake up over the coming years, if technology continues to develop and play a bigger role.

Restrictive Covenants Update

Prophet plc is a software developer and supplier for the fresh produce industry. Its software is aimed at different types of businesses including growers, retailers and intermediaries. Prophet employed Mr. Huggett as its sales manager.

Can an employer increase a disability sanction

In the recent case of McMillan v Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, the court was asked to consider whether an NHS Trust’s disciplinary policy permitted it to impose a more severe sanction upon an employee on appeal.

Flexible working - the new regime

Now, all employees with at least 26 weeks' continuous employment can make a request for flexible working under the new scheme for any reason.

Pre and post nuptial agreements to become legally binding

On 27 June 2014 peers gave their backing following the second reading of a proposed law ‘The Divorce (Financial Provisions )’ Bill with the aim of making it easier for divorcing couples to resolve their financial issues.

Fraser Brown secure premises licence in saturation zone

The licensing department at Fraser Brown has helped a venue to double its capacity on the ground floor and to amend the conditions on the licence despite being located in a city centre saturation zone and a strong objection from the police.


06.Aug.2014 | Licensing

Health and work service

A new Health and Work Service is to be phased in from late this year and expected to be fully up and running by May 2015.

Children to get more of a voice in family courts

Children who are involved in family hearings will soon be able to tell the judge their own thoughts and opinions on the cases affecting them.

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