Same sex marriage gets the go ahead

From 29 March this year, the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 comes into force. This means that same sex couples will be able to be legally married in a religious or civil ceremony.

Minimum wage fines to target rogue employers

Business secretary Vince Cable has announced plans to toughen the regulations to crack down on rogue employers who fail to pay workers the national minimum wage.

Compensation for TV presenter

A television presenter has been awarded £3,250 compensation by a Birmingham Employment Tribunal after she was sacked for making an obscene gesture whilst on air in response to producers calling her a "whore" through her ear piece.

Policy no bar for later hours for Long Island

The licensing department at Fraser Brown has helped a late night venue get longer hours and to increase its capacity by almost 95% despite being located in the heart of a city centre saturation zone.


14.Jan.2014 | Licensing

Should holiday pay include commission

A few recent cases have brought to light the issue of how holiday pay is calculated and whether it should include commission/bonuses.

What to expect in property law in 2014

There are many changes expected in property law during the course of 2014. These cover both commercial and residential property. Some of the key points to look out for include:

Ban on zero hours contracts has been ruled out

Business secretary Vince Cable has ruled out banning zero hours contracts. However, there will be a consultation launched on whether there should be a ban on exclusivity clauses.

Shared parental leave

On 29 November the government published its response to the consultation on how the proposed statutory shared parental leave and pay system should work. This is due to be introduced by the Children and Families Bill in 2015.

Worst in Europe for parental pay

The TUC, which represents 6.2 million working people in Britain, has recently published a report which states we are the worst nation when it comes to parental leave pay.

Plans to toughen up on those who help underage drinkers

The think-tank Demos has stated that the government should introduce tougher punishments for parents, siblings and friends who buy alcohol for children.

Fraser Brown work with Za Za Bazaar again

Walaiti Rathore, a licensing specialist at Fraser Brown has helped Za Za Bazaar open their second restaurant in the UK.


04.Dec.2013 | Licensing

Why it pays for an employer to have insurance

An insurance policy to cover your business for claims by employees or ex employees is not always top of the list of priorities in board or management meetings.

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