Fraser Brown work with new Boilermaker concept bar

The commercial property and licensing departments at Fraser Brown have recently helped Boilermaker, a new "˜hidden bar' concept to open in Nottingham city centre.

New partner at Fraser Brown

Fraser Brown has appointed John Buchanan as a partner in their Employment and HR department.

Directors of failed companies could be held liable

Business secretary Vince Cable is reportedly set to propose widening the circumstances in which people that have run failed companies can be held personally liable for the firm's debts.

BBC severance payments scandal

The Huge Severance Payments paid to 150 executives when they left the employment of the BBC is understandably causing outrage, not least as the payments were from TV licence payers i.e. the general public.

Married couples to be offered tax breaks

A Treasury minister has recently promised that married couples are to be offered tax breaks worth up to £150 before the next general election in 2015.

Parental leave and redundancy

The Court of Justice of the European Union has recently ruled that in a redundancy situation, an employer cannot assess workers who have been absent from work due to parental leave on different criteria to those at work for that period.

Private landlords may need to check tenants immigration status

The Home Office has published a consultation on proposals to require private landlords to check the immigration status of new tenants.

Cultural fit in employment

A recent survey has revealed that over half of organisations have rejected a potential candidate based on cultural fit.

New mediation laws

Under the Children and Families Bill currently going through parliament , separating couples will be legally required to find out about mediation in an Assessment and Information meeting before making an application to court.

Equal pay in employment

The Supreme Court has recently issued its ruling in an equal pay case which could result in a number of council employees sharing a £12 million compensation payout.

Family court fees on the rise

As of 1st July this year, the court fees payable in family law cases have increased. In some cases, these rises will be quite considerable and have been introduced at relatively short notice.

Fraser Brown represent off licence store

The licensing department at Fraser Brown has recently represented an off licence store at a licensing hearing.


03.Jul.2013 | Licensing

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