Restrictive Covenants - does an employee have to sign them

The recent judgement in FW Farnsworth Limited v Lacy confirms that an employee can be bound by post termination restrictions even if he/she has not signed the contract of employment.

Employee-owner contracts

5 Nov 2012 George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, recently outlined his plans for a new employee-owner contract, which are due to become available in April of next year.

The ever changing times of Employment Law

I do sympathise with employers and employees alike who try to keep on top of the ever increasing raft of new legislation in my chosen subject area "“ it's hard enough for us legal professionals to keep up!

Piercing the corporate veil

An interesting and potentially groundbreaking case has just been decided in the Court of Appeal, relating to the Court's right in family proceedings to pierce the Corporate Veil and make orders against the assets of a company

Employment Protection Scheme

Many employers are unaware how far employment rights now extend and with so much legislation to contend with, no business can afford not to be up to date with the changes.

Why couples should make a will

Most people think wills are of more relevance to the elderly; this is certainly not the case, particularly for couples who have young children. There are many reasons why couples should make wills:

Bankruptcy and divorce

A case proceeding through the Court may have important implications for divorcing husbands and wives who obtain financial awards against spouses who become bankrupt.

Distance selling laws

A recent investigation by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has found that 62 of the UK's top 100 online retail brands are not complying with distance selling laws.

Olympic games - are employers ready to get set and go?

The Olympic Games will soon commence and run from 27 July to 12 August. Following on from a previous article we did earlier this year, employers need to ensure they are prepared as to how they intend to deal with the event.

Finances Procedure

This fact sheet describes the procedure relating to an application for a financial remedy issued in connection with divorce proceedings or civil partnership dissolution proceedings. Both procedures are identical.

Fraser Brown shortlisted for Property Awards

The commercial property department at Fraser Brown were recently nominated for the 'Client Advisor of the Year' category at the East Midlands Property Awards.

Fraser Brown help Moleface to grow pub presence in Nottingham

The commercial property department at Fraser Brown have recently completed a property transaction for The Moleface Pub Company.

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