Fall in Employment Tribunal claims

The number of claims received by employment tribunals has decreased by 15% compared to the previous 12 months. However, the number of tribunal claims is still higher than at the start of the recession.

Can an Employee face disciplinary action for a second time regarding the same offence?

Is an Employer permitted to make an Employee face a second disciplinary procedure for the same offence, on the basis the outcome of the first disciplinary did not impose a severe enough sanction?

Shared Parenting Plans

Helen Shaw, head of the Family department at Fraser Brown Solicitors highlights the proposed changes to the Children Act.

Fraser Brown complete deal for Lockwood Haulage

The commercial contracts and commercial property departments at Fraser Brown Solicitors have recently worked jointly on a contract for Lockwood Haulage to provide new warehouse space and haulage services to Ardagh Metal Packaging (UK) Ltd.

The Beecroft Report and its potential impact on UK employment laws

UK employment laws have found their way into the news once again in the form of a report by venture capitalist and Conservative supporter (and donor) Adrian Beecroft, and the reaction to it.

Fraser Brown explains new Employment Tribunal Reforms

The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill was presented to Parliament on the 23rd May 2012. It has been heralded by the Government as the cornerstone of its policy to promote long term economic growth.

Fraser Brown win Licensing Appeal for Admiral Taverns

The licensing department at Fraser Brown Solicitors has recently been successful in winning a licensing appeal. Walaiti Rathore, a licensing solicitor at the firm acted on behalf of Admiral Taverns.


31.May.2012 | Licensing

Extra Bank Holidays can be a Royal pain for Employers

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee is fast approaching and has provided for an additional Bank Holiday on Tuesday 5th June. This mirrors the situation last year, where an extra Bank Holiday was granted for the Royal Wedding in April 2011.

Business Insolvencies Viewpoint

Following on from the recent news that the East Midlands is the only area in England to record an increase in the number of business insolvencies in April, Adrian Slater from Fraser Brown offers an expert opinion.

Domestic Abuse in the spotlight

Recently there have been several high profile and very necessary campaigns highlighting domestic abuse, its effects on women and how to stop it. Now, Coronation Street is covering a plotline with a lead male character as the victim of domestic abuse,

Workplace pension changes

As part of the Government initiative to ensure people are financially prepared for retirement, employers will be obliged to provide employees with a workplace pension from October 2012.

Fraser Brown is top of the dealmakers

Fraser Brown's corporate team have been named Legal Team of the Year at the East Midlands Dealmakers 2012 Awards dinner

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