Government consultation on relaxing the licensing hours for the Queens Jubilee

The Government has published a consultation seeking views on its proposal to relax the licensing hours during a special 4 day weekend to mark the occasion of the Queens Diamond Jubilee in June 2012.

Default Retirement Age Set to Be Abolished

From 1st October 2011, employers will no longer be able to retire employees who have passed their 65th birthday, on the grounds of their age; new laws will make such an action an automatically unfair dismissal.

Equal Treatment for Agency Workers

From October 2011, temporary agency workers will have the right to receive the same treatment as full-time employees doing the same job in terms of basic working and employment conditions through the Agency Workers Regulations 2010.

New Paternity Rights in Force

Parents are now legally entitled to share time off work during the first year after childbirth. The right also extends to adoptive parents-to-be.

Important changes to Gaming Machine Regulations

In response to pressure from the gambling industry the government has made some amendments to the regulations relating to gaming machines.

Tobacco Vending Machines

A ban on cigarette machines in England is now imminent following a decision by the Supreme Court not to allow Imperial Tobacco Group to make any further appeal challenging the validity of the legislation.

Is Your Injury Claim for Sale?

The former Labour cabinet minister Jack Straw has been hitting the headlines this week with his exposure of the now widespread practise of buying and selling personal injury claims...

Sports Clubs Should Be Wary of Roaming Members of the Public

Owners of sports and other recreational land should take particular care to ensure that members of the public do not enjoy rights over their land in light of the recent decision of R v Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council.

Liability for Sporting Injuries

Injuries are perhaps an inevitable part of any physical activity, and sports are no different. Should a person suffer a serious injury on a sporting playing field, a variety of persons can be found liable.

London Out to Ambush the Ambushers

When 36 young Dutch women turned up at the Holland v Denmark world cup group match sporting orange mini-dresses distributed by brewers Bavaria, there was some concern with the strict approach taken by FIFA, footballs governing body, in ejecting thes

Fraser Brown Licensing Seminar

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What is a Notary Public

The notary public deals with all of the matters and enquiries relating to other jurisdictions outside of England &...

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