Contaminated Land Guide

Contaminated Land!" is defined by Part 2A Environmental Protection Act 1990 as:


01.Feb.2010 | Factsheet

Executor Risks

Q. My father has just died and I am named in his will as the sole executor of his estate. Are there any risks...

Advice for Employees in the Snow

While it may seem like more fun to play in the snow, than scrape it off your car in a morning, Nottinghamshir...

Bingo Premises

This note provides information for operators of adult gaming centres who may be considering the conversion of all or ...

Easing the Pain of Family Breakdown - Collaborative Law

Collaborative family law is a civilised non-confrontational approach to resolving issues arising out of family or...

Want to Terminate Your Hire Purchase Agreement

Hire Purchase Agreements (HPA) are commonplace when buying expensive items such as vehicles or furniture. A HPA i...


06.Dec.2009 | Articles

New Residential Starter

In anticipation of an emergent property market in 2010, Nottingham-based Fraser Brown has boosted the numbers......

The Growth of Franchising

In general, economic downturns often result in an increase in franchising activity as people use redundancy as an...

Small Business Employment Contracts

Q: I own a small business employing less than five people. Do I really need to bother with contracts of employment...

Check Your Licence for Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, its time to start preparing for the festive season. Stocking up on food and...


15.Oct.2009 | Licensing

Residential Property Buying Guide

This information guide is intended to provide you with a brief outline of the work involved in a property transaction...


09.Oct.2009 | Factsheet

Licensing Training for Local Authorities

Tailor-made training courses created and presented by David Lucas (contributor Patersons Licensing Acts)...

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