Civil Partnerships to be available to all couples

The move follows a recent Supreme Court ruling and will extend the option of civil partnerships, which were first available to same-sex couples in 2004, to mixed-sex couples.

Online Divorces - Sound Simple?

A £1billion reform to the justice system has meant that Nottingham is now one of three places to pilot an Online Divorce scheme. The Ministry of Justice has announced that it is looking to extend the incentive to other centres.

The issue of mental capacity on divorce and separation

Health issues can surface that make it hard to assess an individual’s ability to make decisions, though there are measures available that can help to ease and make sense of the process.

Enforcement of Family Finance Orders

Family Finance Orders are usually made following the end of a marriage or civil partnership and also under Schedule 1 of the Children Act for unmarried parents.

Beware how you use social media

Published in the media yesterday (6 Sept), the Crown Prosecution Report on Crimes against Women shows that 200 people have been prosecuted for revenge porn.

Advisory regarding a faulty divorce form E (Financial Statement)

An error has been identified in the automatic calculations used in the version of the Form E (Financial Statement) available on the HMCTS Form Finder website, which is the means by which parties disclose information about their assets and liabilities

When cheap divorce goes wrong

A recent case in the High Court has highlighted the dangers of ‘on the cheap’ divorces and what can happen if the legal process is rushed and without full financial disclosure.

Financial settlement and the importance of a clean break

Many people going through divorce mistakenly believe that once Decree Absolute (the final decree dissolving the marriage) is granted by the Court that all financial ties automatically come to an end.

New family law

A new law comes into effect this Wednesday, 22nd October, which will emphasise the importance of children having a relationship with each parent following a family breakdown.

Cohabitation agreements

Living together agreements are not prenuptial agreements and will not be valid if you subsequently decide to marry. They are legal agreements reached between couples who have chosen to live together.

Nuptial agreements

Pre or post nuptial agreements are agreements which are entered into either before the marriage or during the marriage and set out what will happen to the assets and liabilities in the event of marriage breakdown.

Maintenance Payments

When you separate, you will need to decide whether or not one of you needs a contribution payable from the other in order to meet their essential living expenses and financial responsibilities. This is called ‘spousal maintenance’.

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