The Subject of Landlord's Consent - what is and isn't reasonable refusal?

Most, if not all, commercial leases restrict what a tenant can do and in other cases the tenant can only act with the landlord's consent. Here we look at what can be deemed reasonable and what cannot.

Limitation - How Long Do I Have to Bring a Claim?

If you are thinking of bringing a claim against an individual or organisation the law sets out deadlines within which a claim must be started. Here we discuss these.

Modifying Restrictions in Long Leases

It has been the case for a long time that a leaseholder can apply to modify a restriction under section 84(12) law of Property Act 1925; a term of more than 40 years. A recent case that we discuss now has highlighted this.

Adverse Possession - a new perspective?

Adverse possession is a route by which an occupier of land owned by another person can acquire possessory title. The right to adverse possession is determined on the facts and is based in common law and statute.

Stage 1: Taking on a commercial lease

A lease requires a willing landlord and a willing tenant. Someone who wants to grant a lease, and someone who wants take a lease of commercial property for the purpose of their business.

Nottingham host first Property Litigation Association event in the East Midlands

A great turn out and opportunity to develop existing talent for property litigators in the region.

When it rains it pours: What the garden of a £750K home can tell us about Property Information Forms

After finding their garden repeatedly flooded, this family turned to Facebook and their Property Information Forms to make some shocking discoveries

Ratings in the spotlight - Woolway v Mazars and beyond

Many will recall the decision from July this year when the Supreme Court ruled that contiguous floors in a building occupied by the same tenant for the same business was to be treated as a single entity for the purpose of rating.

The consequences the High Speed Rail Link will have on the surrounding areas

The High Speed Rail Link will have many consequences for property owners. The High Speed Rail Link is a rail link constructed between London and the North. The construction will take two forms. One will join London with the West Midlands line and the

Dispute Resolution - 2015 in review

Don Peel highlights the most significant legal developments in 2015 and what practitioners can expect in 2016.

Will the creation of an online court for claims worth up to £25,000 cut out lawyers?

Don Peel comments on the report published on 12th January 2016 by Lord Justice Briggs, which recommends a review of civil justice and a reorganisation of courts.

Common mistakes made with Service Charges

Don Peel discusses why service charges are often the subject of intense disputes between commercial landlords and tenants and why the drafting of the service charge provision needs to be carefully thought through.

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