Owens v Owens: Unhappily married woman denied divorce by Supreme Court

Tini Owens was left “devastated” after five Supreme Court judges unanimously decided that she had no grounds for divorcing her husband, Hugh Owens, after citing unreasonable behaviour. The judges admit that the case ‘generates uneasy feelings’.

New specialist courts set to resolve timely financial divorce claims

Katie Beal, Head of Family Law at Fraser Brown Solicitors, has seen an increased pressure on the courts to process divorces quicker and more efficiently.

Women challenge divorce settlements

Katie Beal comments on two recent divorce settlements, which have seen both women involved appeal to have their settlements overturned in the Supreme Court.

No presumption in favour of natural parent

A recent case in the family court has highlighted the issues of presumption in favour of a natural parent being a child’s primary carer.

Family law representation costs

Courts now have the power to direct the HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) to bear the costs of legal representation, according to a High Court judge.

Civil partnerships could be available to all

A unique case is the first attempt in the British courts to make civil partnerships available to heterosexual couples.

Separation agreements

If separating spouses or civil partners decide not to apply for a divorce, or do not have grounds to issue Divorce Proceedings, you may wish to enter into a Separation Agreement regulating financial matters with your ex spouse or partner.

Specific Issue orders

A disputed point may be brought before the court to enable a particular issue to be resolved. This guide explains this in more detail.

Prohibited steps orders

A prohibited steps order is where the Court prevents a certain action. This guide explains this in more detail.

Parental Responsibility

What is parental responsibility? This guide explains this topic in more detail

Child Arrangement Orders

The Government issued a Consultation Paper to try and improve the way in which Court decisions are made on this issue. What used to be known as ‘Residence” and “Contact” is now known as a Child Arrangements Order.

Failure to pay child maintenance could damage your credit rating

From March 2015, separated parents who fail to keep up with child maintenance payments could find it damaging their credit rating.

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