Mass retirement of police officers did not amount to age discrimination

In Harrod and others -v- Chief Constable of West Midlands Police and others the Court of Appeal has upheld a previous decision that mass retirement of officers implemented by a number of police forces was not discriminatory on the basis of age.

Employment Tribunal finds cycle courier was a worker and not self employed

The Employment Tribunal in Boxer –v- Excel Group Services Limited has decided that a cycle courier, who was previously labelled as self employed, was actually a worker.

Variation on a zero hours contract

Zero hours contracts have been a hot topic in employment for some time and many employers and individuals are aware of the use of such contracts.

Are performance reviews worthwhile?

There are many issues in the workplace which have the potential to cause divisions of opinion between employees and management but one issue which appears universally controversial is the concept of “performance reviews” or “appraisals”.

Notice of termination of employment

A key provision of all employment relationships is the entitlement of the employee and employer to notice of termination from each other.

Spotlight on employment status

The development of the so called “gig economy” has brought into public focus the issue of employment status which may previously have only concerned a small number of individuals, businesses and their employment lawyers.

Get to grips with employment law

Whether you have one small franchise or a multi-branch portfolio, if you have employees, it is crucial to get to grips with employment law.

Abuse of Migrant Workers not Unlawful Discrimination

Arwen Makin discusses the judgment in the combined case of Onu v Akwiwu and another and Taiwo v Olaigbe and another that the Supreme Court handed down on 22nd June 2016.

Enhanced Criminal Record Disclosure in Recruitment – New Case

Arwen Makin, Senior Associate in the Employment and HR department discusses Enhanced Criminal Record Disclosure in Recruitment.

Brexit – Potential Implications for UK Employment Law

Arwen Makin, Senior Associate in the Employment and HR department discusses what may happen to the employment rights in the UK in the event of the Brexit campaign.

Holiday headaches?

Arwen Makin, Senior Associate in the Employment and HR department discusses how employers can deal with their employees requesting the same time period off work.

Dress Codes in Workplaces

Two recent cases involving workplace attire have recently hit the headlines. Arwen Makin, Senior Associate in the Employment and HR department summarises them.

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