Employment Restrictive Covenants

The first Supreme Court Case on employment restrictive covenants in more than 100 years highlights how severance (deletion of certain words) can be applied to allow for enforceability.

Construction firms prioritise mental health

ONS statistics show that one industry particularly affected is construction, with men in the sector being 3 times more likely to take their own lives than men on average.

Settlement Agreements - the role of an independent legal adviser

Arwen Makin, Senior Associate in the Employment & HR department explains why you should see an independent legal adviser when offered a Settlement Agreement.

Discrimination for Employees

Have you been discriminated against on the grounds of your race, age, sex, religion, nationality, personal characteristic...

Redundancy for Employees

Have you been selected for redundancy or been made redundant? Has your employer followed the correct...

Family Friendly Policies

Do you need to take time off work to deal with an emergency involving someone who depends on you? In certain circumstances...

Contracts of Employment for Employees

Is your employer trying to change the terms of your existing contract of employment? Can your employer impose new conditions...

Disciplinary Dismissal and Grievances

Do you think that you have been disciplined unfairly or have you been dismissed? What are your rights? You could be entitled...

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