The Chain of Executorship

What happens when the executor of your will dies before you, or before completing the administration of your estate? We discuss this here.

Agricultural Property Relief and Scaling Back Farming Activities

Agricultural Property Relief (APR) is a relief against inheritance tax. It applies both during a person’s lifetime (if a gift of agricultural property is made) and on their death (if agricultural property forms part of their estate). Read more here.

Deputyship and the Court of Protection

If a person becomes mentally incapable of making decisions about their own financial affairs, and without a Lasting Power of Attorney, an application should be made to the Court of Protection for a ‘Deputy’ to be appointed. Read more here...

Providing for your pet after your death

Provisions for pets in wills hit the headlines last year when Karl Lagerfeld reportedly wanted to leave his millions to his cat, Choupette. Here we look at how to include your pets in your will.

Inheriting the Un-Inheritable - what happens to your digital assets when you die?

Over half of us who have 'digital assets' have made no provision for them when we die. Most of us now have a 'digital footprint' but what happens to this when we die? We discuss this here.

Making Gifts and the Effect on Inheritance Tax

Over a quarter of the population have made a gift of over £1,000 in their lifetime, research has found that fewer than half of those who made gifts were aware of the inheritance tax rules and exemptions surrounding those gifts. Read about these here.

The Importance of Making a Will - How to Avoid Family Fall-Outs

The law in England and Wales gives us testamentary freedom. We are largely free to leave our assets in our will to anybody we choose - there are no laws stating that certain family members must inherit a set amount, BUT it's not always that easy.

Is Your Will Up To Date and If Not Does It Matter?

If you have a will, is it up to date? Almost a third of us with a will have had a change of circumstances since writing it and have not updated our will - this could mean that what is in your will is not carried out. Read more here.

Marriage – the effect on your Will

Those that enter a marriage after making a Will are at risk of having their Will revoked, with assets left to pass through “intestacy rules.” It is important that you update your Will in these circumstances, to protect your wishes and assets.

Home ownership: Joint tenants v Tenants in common

“Joint tenants” and “tenants in common” are both terms that refer to how owners of a property hold the beneficial interest in it. The terms have different meanings for you and your family. Find out which best fits your circumstances.

Lifetime gifts and inheritance tax planning

With the new tax year a little under a month away now, it might be a good time to give some thought to inheritance tax planning. lifetime gifts are often overlooked, but can be an effective way of reducing the inheritance tax liability after death

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney? (LPA)

Cristina explains the role and responsibility of an LPA, what to consider and what could happen in the event that you haven't appointed one before losing mental capacity.

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