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Fatal Accidents

If you have lost a loved one and were financially dependent on them, you may be able to claim for the loss of financial support, or loss of other types of support such as pension rights, childcare and housekeeping duties. Those able to claim for dependency rights are:

-         a spouse or former spouse

-         a civil partner or former civil partner

-         a cohabitee if you have been living together for over 2 year

-         a parent

-         a child or other descendant

-         a brother, sister, aunt or uncle

In some cases you may be entitled to bereavement damages. This is a fixed sum of £11,800 and is only payable to the spouse or civil partner of the deceased or the parents of a child under 18.

You may also be able to claim for any medical expenses or loss of earnings following their accident, and funeral costs.

If the cause of death is sudden, violent or unknown then the state may call for an inquest to establish the cause of death and circumstances leading to it.

We can help you at this difficult, emotional time by guiding you through the process and working on your behalf to get any compensation you deserve. Our personal injury solicitors have many years’ experience dealing with sensitive matters and have a sympathetic, professional approach.

Examples of recent cases we have concluded in this area include: 

“Acting for the widow of a man killed when he was repairing his vehicle on the hard shoulder of a motorway and negotiating a substantial settlement”. 

"Acting for the cohabitee and mother of a cyclist who was killed by a turning lorry in an accident at traffic lights."

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