Licensing Checklist

Display the premises licence summary at the premises in a public area.
Display a notice specifying the person nominated to have custody of the premises licence.
Check that the correct details are shown on the premises licence of the premises licence holder and the Designated Premises Supervisor.
Be familiar with the terms of the premises licence and ensure that the premises is trading in accordance with the hours, activities and conditions, including the mandatory conditions.
Check that any CCTV system is properly operational and, if appropriate, complies with the terms of the conditions on the premises licence.
Ensure that there is always a member of staff present that can operate the CCTV system and extract images into a suitable format for the authorities on request.
Ensure that all members of staff including managers and, if appropriate, door staff are familiar with the conditions on the licence, trading times and licensable activities.  
Ensure that all members of staff are aware of the law in relation to 16 and 17 year olds allowed to consume beer, wine or cider provided it has been purchased by an adult with a table meal. 
All staff should be familiar with the law in relation to the sale of alcohol to under 18’s.
All staff should be familiar with the law in relation to the sale of alcohol to drunks.
Keep a detailed record of all staff training and refresher training in relation to the sale of alcohol.
Ensure all staff are aware that they are authorised by a personal licence holder to sell alcohol.
Ensure that staff are familiar with all policies, especially those concerning age verification in order to prevent underage sales.
All personal licence holders must notify the council of any change of name and/or address.
If premises are operating under a temporary event notice, check the terms of the notice.

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