The Subject of Landlord's Consent - what is and isn't reasonable refusal?

Most, if not all, commercial leases restrict what a tenant can do and in other cases the tenant can only act with the landlord's consent. Here we look at what can be deemed reasonable and what cannot.

Agricultural Property Relief and Scaling Back Farming Activities

Agricultural Property Relief (APR) is a relief against inheritance tax. It applies both during a person’s lifetime (if a gift of agricultural property is made) and on their death (if agricultural property forms part of their estate). Read more here.

Deputyship and the Court of Protection

If a person becomes mentally incapable of making decisions about their own financial affairs, and without a Lasting Power of Attorney, an application should be made to the Court of Protection for a ‘Deputy’ to be appointed. Read more here...

Limitation - How Long Do I Have to Bring a Claim?

If you are thinking of bringing a claim against an individual or organisation the law sets out deadlines within which a claim must be started. Here we discuss these.

Inheriting the Un-Inheritable - what happens to your digital assets when you die?

Over half of us who have 'digital assets' have made no provision for them when we die. Most of us now have a 'digital footprint' but what happens to this when we die? We discuss this here.

Celebrating our first year in Lincoln

We are celebrating the one-year anniversary of our Lincoln office this month following an outstanding 12 months in the region. The Lincoln base marks the first location for the firm outside of Nottinghamshire, and since opening its doors a

CVA and Rent - Two Perspectives

In the recent Debenhams' Company Voluntary Arrangement case, the High Court rejected an application brought by a group of landlords to challenge the company voluntary arrangement. We look at both sides here.

Making Gifts and the Effect on Inheritance Tax

Over a quarter of the population have made a gift of over £1,000 in their lifetime, research has found that fewer than half of those who made gifts were aware of the inheritance tax rules and exemptions surrounding those gifts. Read about these here.

Enforcing a County Court Judgement

If you have a County Court Judgment (“Judgment”) against another party (the “Debtor”) stating that the Debtor is liable to pay you a sum of money, what are your next steps?

The Importance of Making a Will - How to Avoid Family Fall-Outs

The law in England and Wales gives us testamentary freedom. We are largely free to leave our assets in our will to anybody we choose - there are no laws stating that certain family members must inherit a set amount, BUT it's not always that easy.

Buying a property? What to do if you are putting in unequal amounts.

It is often the case that people jointly purchase a property but contribute different amounts, either to the initial deposit or to the ongoing mortgage payments. When this is the case it is recommended that a declaration of trust is created...

Modifying Restrictions in Long Leases

It has been the case for a long time that a leaseholder can apply to modify a restriction under section 84(12) law of Property Act 1925; a term of more than 40 years. A recent case that we discuss now has highlighted this.

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