Registering a Trademark - What You Need to Know to Do This.

Legal rights such as trademarks, copyright and registered designs all fall under the umbrella term “IP Rights” and exist to help businesses and individuals legally protect their rights in what they create.

When is a breach not a breach?

English & Welsh law recognises three types of contractual terms: conditions, warranties and innominate terms. We discuss breach of contract and why these are relevant here.

Legal Intent in Commercial Contract Law - why is it important?

Legal intent means that the contracting parties must have had the intention to form a legally binding contract. We look at this in detail.

Christmas Opening Hours 2019

Our Christmas opening hours this festive period are detailed here.

Know Your Rights - as a Consumer and a Business

Huge sale events are resulting in a consistent increase in online sales which in turn emphasises the importance on businesses and consumers to be aware of their rights. Here we look at these.

The Subject of Landlord's Consent - what is and isn't reasonable refusal?

Most, if not all, commercial leases restrict what a tenant can do and in other cases the tenant can only act with the landlord's consent. Here we look at what can be deemed reasonable and what cannot.

Agricultural Property Relief and Scaling Back Farming Activities

Agricultural Property Relief (APR) is a relief against inheritance tax. It applies both during a person’s lifetime (if a gift of agricultural property is made) and on their death (if agricultural property forms part of their estate). Read more here.

Deputyship and the Court of Protection

If a person becomes mentally incapable of making decisions about their own financial affairs, and without a Lasting Power of Attorney, an application should be made to the Court of Protection for a ‘Deputy’ to be appointed. Read more here...

Providing for your pet after your death

Provisions for pets in wills hit the headlines last year when Karl Lagerfeld reportedly wanted to leave his millions to his cat, Choupette. Here we look at how to include your pets in your will.

Limitation - How Long Do I Have to Bring a Claim?

If you are thinking of bringing a claim against an individual or organisation the law sets out deadlines within which a claim must be started. Here we discuss these.

Inheriting the Un-Inheritable - what happens to your digital assets when you die?

Over half of us who have 'digital assets' have made no provision for them when we die. Most of us now have a 'digital footprint' but what happens to this when we die? We discuss this here.

Celebrating our first year in Lincoln

We are celebrating the one-year anniversary of our Lincoln office this month following an outstanding 12 months in the region. The Lincoln base marks the first location for the firm outside of Nottinghamshire, and since opening its doors a

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