Payment options

At Fraser Brown we offer a FREE first 30 minute appointment with one of our highly experienced lawyers regardless of your means and whether or not you qualify financially for legal aid.

Pehaps you're asking yourself, what's in it for us and surely there's a catch?

The reason we offer a free initial meeting is that we know how important it is to meet the lawyer who may be advising you about some of the toughest decisions you will ever have to make. We believe that trust is earned, and we know we can offer you a high quality good value service. 

We are confident that you will wish to use our services, but we will never put you under any pressure to do so and the meeting is completely without obligation.During that meeting we can assess your case, give you some preliminary advice and see if you qualify for legal aid. 

Many people who used to qualify, unfortunately were no longer eligible after 1st April 2013. We understand that for many people this will create a major worry: how will they be able to afford the legal advice or representation they need without legal aid?

To this end we are now offering a range of funding options to help fill the gap the withdrawal of legal aid will create. .We offer fixed fee services to rival those offered by competitors such as Cooperative Legal services, but with us you can be sure of face to face advice from a local, well- established and trusted legal specialist, not a national chain.

We offer a deferred payment scheme that can allow you to make interest free, manageable monthly payments to pay for your legal costs. Where there are joint assets involved we can even defer payment to an agreed date when your financial settlement is received. Whatever your means, we offer quality without compromise, with the same skilful and specialist lawyers.

All of our solicitors are members of Resolution, an organisation for family law specialists committed to resolving cases in a constructive and non- confrontational way.  

We are here for you and we can still offer a range of affordable, tailor made solutions for every budget! So what’s in it for you? You have nothing to lose by booking a 30 minute consultation, and potentially a great deal to gain from the specialist advice and effective representation we can offer you.

Contact us today to arrange your free consultation on 0115 9888 777. 

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