Pre-nuptial Agreements

Commonly referred to as a Prenup, this is a formal, written agreement prepared before entering into a marriage or civil partnership. Incidentally it is also possible to prepare a post- nuptial agreement now, after your marriage or civil partnership has taken place which can have the same legal effect as a prenuptial agreement. Unlike in many other countries, in England prenuptial agreements are not automatically recognised by the Court, although this is fast changing area of the law.  Currently, courts are recognising prenuptial agreements when they have been properly prepared by a lawyer and conform to certain requirements which we can explain to you in detail.

The prenuptial agreement sets out how financial issues should be regulated if your relationship breaks down.  It can be tailored to your individual requirements and will cover the distribution of property, income and pensions.  Importantly, it can protect assets you have before the marriage and money you expect to receive in the future such as an inheritance. 

It may seem unromantic when planning your wedding, but having a prenuptial agreement in place can give both partners peace of mind and save a lot of expense, stress and ill feeling that can occur if a relationship breaks down.

We have the experience and knowledge to advise you and prepare the agreement tailored to your personal requirements.

Read our factsheet for more information about Nuptial Agreements 


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