Top Ten Tips when considering taking on a Licensed Premises

  • Review the current premises licence in force which you should obtain from the Licensing Authority. Licensing
  • Check that the hours work for your business needs.
  • Ensure that the licence covers all of the licensable activities that you are planning.
  • Check all of the licence conditions to ensure that they will suit your requirements and seek an assurance from the seller that the conditions have not previously been breached.
  • Check that the plan matches the layout of the premises – if it does not then it will need to be varied.
  • Review whether both on-sales and off-sales are included, particularly if you are planning on using an outside area.
  • Check with Licensing Authority whether there are any current proceedings being taken against the licence including reviews or appeals.  Take professional advice if so.
  • Ensure that you are sure about who actually holds the licence. If the licence holder has entered into any form of insolvency, or has died, then the licence may have expired and strict time limits apply for reinstatement.
  • Review any lease if applicable to check for any restrictions.  Have regard to anything relating to service charges, trading hours and the use of premises including outside areas.
  • Check planning permissions in place for the premises ensuring that the class use is correct.  Also look for conditions - These may restrict trading hours or potential use of outside areas. 

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